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Digital Marketing Agency Gold Coast: A Step-by-Step Guide Made Simple

Digital Marketing Agency Gold Coast
Published on: 12 December, 2020

Customers are shifting their lives more and more into a digital environment. They use stationary and mobile devices. They are omnipresent in the “digital world” and always and everywhere networked. Suppliers are also adapting to the changed circumstances and renewing their marketing methods: Marketing today continuously and consistently digitally. 

Overview of Digital Marketing 

Digital Marketing  Gold Coast is the “Netmow” team for several different marketing instruments and activities that use digital technologies. Companies use other tactics to use the available methods in the appropriate coordination for the digital customer approach. These include actions of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEA (Search Engine Advertisement), content marketing, social media, email marketing, display advertisement, affiliate marketing, online PR, or marketing automation based on customer relationship management.

Overview of Digital Marketing

The starting point for this is usually a company’s website on which blog posts are published, e-books and white papers, digital tools or infographics are offered, and the distribution of customer-relevant content can be controlled via the social media channels used. Customers should be addressed at the right time and in the right place via a digital device such as desktops, laptops, tablets, or smartphones.

In our article, you will find a definition, possible carriers, terms, and digital marketing methods. We also explain what digital marketing can achieve for your company and briefly introduce you to the key to Digital Marketing Australia.

What is digital marketing?

Digital Marketing refers to the marketing of products, brands, or services using digital technologies controlled on different online channels. For their communication, companies mostly use digital channels such as Google search, social media, e-mail, display advertisement, or pay-per-click models to address their target group directly and at the right time on the corresponding electronic device.

Simply, It is any form of marketing that reaches your potential or existing customers through a computer-based system or tool – mostly online. In Australia, Brisbane, ‘Netmow’ is the leading Digital Marketing Agency.

The essential advantages of the digital marketing agency gold coast are :

  • Using numerous digital communication tools, companies can now get in touch with customers in various ways and address them specifically. 
  • Digitization has led to a stormy increase in new data sources, 
  • which has also enabled new framework conditions and expanded options for the analysis of marketing measures. 
  • Besides, compared to offline measures, far fewer transaction costs are determined on the buyer and supplier side (such as search and information costs through search engines such as Google, or purchase processing costs through digital payment systems such as PayPal) 
  • Support for digital marketing

Digital marketing company Brisbane encompasses a wide range of methods and material elements.

We have summarized some standard techniques as well as materials and carriers for you:

  • Your own website
  • A company blog with regular blog posts
  • Self-created e-books and white papers
  • Video or audio content, such as how-tos, webinars
  • Appealing infographics
  • Online brochures 
  • Interactive tools such as graphics, maps, quizzes, or games
  • Social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.)
  • Online reporting via PR, social networks, or reviews

These are the goals of digital marketing agency Brisbane helps you-

digital marketing goals and objectives

  • Website traffic optimization: Qualified website traffic and the right users on the website play a significant role in digital marketing. The improvement of qualified traffic is an overarching goal of all digital marketing activities.
  • Lead generation: A lead is an interested party who is understood as a potential customer. Individual marketing activities aim to meet the demand with the right offers and thus generate contact information.
  • Increasing the length of stay: The customer-friendly design of the online presence and fulfilment of user expectations is a significant factor in encouraging visitors to stay longer on the website. This also has a substantial impact on search engine ranking results.
  • Brand building and brand loyalty: Digital marketing is used to build and maintain the brand. To this end, different strategies and tactics have developed across the individual digital channels. In combination with the communication that fits the brand, a consistent brand structure can be created.
  • Increased efficiency: Efficient digital marketing makes a significant contribution to a measurable customer approach. A primary goal is to improve conversion optimization and thus avoid wastage.
  • Strengthening customer loyalty: Satisfied customers are an elementary factor for every company. With the right instruments and tools, successful customer management can take place via digital channels.

What digital marketing Australia can do?

A digital marketing agency enables marketers to see your campaigns’ precise results in real-time, which is impossible with most offline marketing activities. 

Digital marketing is a great way to measure your website traffic. You can –

  • Find out in real-time the exact number of people who viewed your website’s homepage 
  • See how many pages these people have visited, 
  • Which device did the users use for this and
  • Where they come from

On the one hand, you can see which marketing channels you should concentrate on. You can also see how much traffic is coming from organic searches.

For example, if only 10% of your traffic is generated from organic search results, it is clear that more time will need to be invested in your search engine optimization to improve that percentage. You can also identify patterns of behaviour of your target customers and thus make better-informed decisions about how you can drive them to your website.

You can also use completed forms to collect the contact details of those interested in your content or content offers. In this way, you not only measure the number of users who interact with your content but also generate leads. 

The lead generation fits into the inbound method: Inbound uses the provided and relevant content to make potential customers aware of your company. Because the interest on the part of the potential customers is organic, the customers are the ones who take action and get the contact going. How you enable customers to contact you is part of lead generation.

In this context, we would like to introduce you to the components of lead generation briefly.

What is the difference between digital marketing and online marketing?

Digital marketing Gold Coast is the targeted, now increasingly personalized, communication with (potential) customers via electronic devices using digital signals. The advantage of digital technology lies in the measurability of all measures: the user signals enable the digital marketing manager to measure success to optimize marketing. The content is often played out via digital applications, such as websites, apps, e-mails, or social media platforms. Online marketing is a sub-form of digital marketing.

difference between Digital Marketing and Online Marketing

Digital communication does not necessarily have to be connected to the web. Digital marketing can also take place offline – for example, via display advertising in public places. In a narrower sense, digital marketing agency only describes communication via digital technology, the signals of which are based on the binary system – regardless of the source and medium via which the content is played. 

Digital marketing Gold Coast: Measures and Strategies

Digital MarketingDigital marketing consists of many different instruments, each with other goals. The individual options interlock as parts of a larger strategy and often influence one another. A digital marketing strategy is usually designed to dovetail various measures to create interfaces and enable multiplication effects. A successful campaign across multiple media with a consistent message and substantial recognition value is called integrated communication. At the same time, it must be ensured that the content and format correspond to the needs, requirements, and expectations of the user with the respective medium. The goal should always be that digital marketing complements the user’s needs during his customer journey and at the same time does justice to the formal nature of the various touchpoints.


For more information, we are happy to advise you about the Digital Marketing Agency Gold Coast and find the right screws for your online marketing strategy.

Content Marketing: Content marketing is not limited to the digital space but takes on a central role in the communication between a company and its target groups. Content marketing is happening increasingly and mainly digitally. Also, digital marketing has been significantly shaped by the strategic approach to content marketing. At the same time, content-driven digital marketing combines further disciplines with other strategic weightings, which all create the desired multiplication effects in interaction.

Content: Digital marketing lives from range. Content marketing means addressing the target group in a needs-oriented manner through added value in terms of content. It is published on relevant communication channels without asking for anything in return from the recipient. The content must be non-binding and free of charge so that the target group can get involved. The more relevant and high quality the content is for the user, the more they interact with them, and the more likely it is that they will make a purchase decision. However, the added value can only develop its full potential for the user when it meets the needs and is psychologically aimed at him. It must be perceptible and communicated where the user is looking for answers.

Social Media: Social networks offer exciting digital marketing opportunities to reach the target group. Here the users segment themselves through the settings in their unit. The psychological dynamics in social media also lives from the targeted positioning of the user in social space utilizing selective reception and interaction. Whether through likes, shares, or comments – with content, the user reinforces his self-concept. Accordingly, communication in social media tends to be emotionalized. In the social media context, users are expected to find content that amazes or entertains them. The address must take place on an emotional level. Digital marketing here means a practical approach. At the same time, companies can benefit from the large data sets

PR (Public Relation): Public relations is a rather classic instrument for communicating with target groups, but has leapt digital marketing through online PR. PR in digital marketing is not only there to put a company in a positive light, but it is primarily aimed at more visibility on the Internet. The presence that a company has on the internet pays off for digital marketing if it is also perceived as transparent – provided that all stakeholders in the digital space are picked up with the relevant content. Skilful online PR helps digital marketing, corporate brand trust, authority, and the target groups’ reputation to be strengthened. Do you still have any questions? As a digital PR agency from Brisbane, this is precisely where we start and develop tailor-made strategies. Feel free to contact us for an initial meeting in which we can clarify all open questions!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Digital marketing doesn’t work without search engine optimization. SEO is an excellent example of the interdependencies of the individual measures in digital marketing Australia: SEO, content marketing, and seeding are mutually dependent. The Google search engine is the number 1 touchpoint for every target group. Still, if you want to be at the forefront of the search results pages for the relevant keywords, you have to create high-quality content primarily for the user. If the content and the user signals in the interaction with the content are positive, the machine will also classify the content as relevant and give it a good ranking. Then there is the number and quality of backlinks that a piece of content receives. What is meant are the links that lead from a website to your domain. If pages with absolute authority in the subject area link their part, the backlink is particularly valuable. Link building is a central lever in digital marketing, which is made possible primarily through seeding.

Seeding: Seeding is the strategic content distribution without which digital marketing would not work. Using seeding, content is strategically distributed and placed to increase the relevant reach and generate viral effects. On the other hand, seeding should support organic link building and gain valuable backlinks for owned media platforms. There are various strategic approaches, the application of which depends on the seeding goal pursued. 

Link baits: Linkbaits in digital marketing are content that has been designed to appear as relevant as possible to editors of other media so that they can publish the content in their media and set a link to the company’s owned media platform there. When creating link baits, the content creators have to be aware of which media are relevant for the target group and where the intersection between customer needs, the content orientation of the media, and their brand core lies. If all interests and requirements are taken into account, link baits can achieve the desired effects.

Branded Content Seeding: With branded content seeding, content is distributed that is closely linked to a brand without the brand being in the foreground. The content represents a high added value for the target group and deals with user-related questions. This can be content on the areas of work, relationships, finances, or hobbies – anything that appears relevant to the target group and builds a bridge to the core brand of the company. The formats can vary: e-books, white papers, infographics, videos, or online competition – the medium in which the content is to be published determines the form.

Viral Seeding: Viral campaigns enrich every digital marketing with organic multiplication effects, which must first be initiated through cooperation. Prerequisites for virality are specific attributes of the content so that the individual user feels inspired to share the content with his circle of friends: The scope can inspire through storytelling (for example, in the form of a video), be humorous (for example, funny visuals about current events) or polarize (for instance through statements, open letters, scandal reports). The content must be proactively shared in the right place – until the dissemination develops momentum and results in a snowball effect. Working with influencers who already have an established community behind them is particularly suitable for this.

Video Seeding: The video format dictates the seeding process. The distribution takes place organically, through cooperation with multipliers and the placement of video ads. The individual measures are not options but complement one another. On the one hand, editors from other media have to be approached to initiate cooperation. On the other hand, the collaboration with content-relevant multipliers enables a push for reach. The emotional bond between the community and the multipliers significantly enhances the video content from the target group’s perspective. The placement of the video ads is complimentary but still necessary.

Who do you want to reach, where, and in what way?

The last question is followed in alphabetical order by terms and methods of digital marketing agency Gold Coast with which you can design, improve, or disseminate your digital marketing. Digital marketing doesn’t differentiate between push and pull marketing tactics. Push tactics are also called outbound methods and pull tactics are called inbound strategies. The digital marketing company is, therefore, a NETMOW to which both inbound and outbound marketing can be subordinated.

Outbound methods include measures presented to the user as “unsolicited,” such as a banner ad on a website. These measures aim to ensure that a marketing message is perceived online by as many people as possible. Inbound methods want to reach a more differentiated audience—inbound tries to address users who are willing to receive this message or this content. In the first step, inbound methods are based on the user’s ability to find the company website. This is followed by converting the user into a lead, a customer, and ultimately a promoter. 


The digital waters offer a vast pool of new marketing measures with which you can precisely reach your desired target group – with your advertising message and offers. Through the digital channels, you achieve excellent monitoring and cost control along the customer journey. Since the data is (almost) visible in real-time, you can react immediately to get back on the right track. The real world is digitizing; it is becoming more complex and comprehensively networked. Take advantage of this fact and do digital, better, inbound marketing. Create streamlined content that generates website traffic and leads. Online content that is ideally tailored to your desired customers and search engines makes it possible to find it on the wide web nowadays.


Come along and fish for your favourite fish through digital marketing where “NETMOW”- The Digital Marketing Agency, Gold Coast helps you. The big catch is waiting for you.

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