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How to Connect Laravel Forge by using SSH or SFTP in 4 Easy Steps

Laravel forge
Published on: 6 May, 2021


  1. First Lets learn how to create an SSH key on your laptop.
  2. Go to Terminal on Mac or Windows as Administrator.
  3. In a Command Prompt run command:
    • ssh-keygen -t rsa -C ""
  4. Change your email as you want. And Hit Enter
  5. Your system will generate a key and will ask you for the file path and name. If you want you can give a name.
  6. After putting a name or without giving a name, hit Enter, it will ask you for a Passphrase, you can provide any passphrase if you want but we recommend keeping it empty.
  7. After hitting Enter you have to redo with providing that Passphrase or without which you have done before. Hit Enter Again
  8. Now System will show you Generated Fingerprint and also will show you where it’s saving.

Laravel forge

STEP 2: Find Key on your local Laptop:

SSH Fingerprint Files

  1. Now go to your laptop and find that fingerprint where you save it, follow the path.
  2. In our case its on /Users/arifsmacpro/.ssh/id_rsa)
  3. Filename should be fcf and, there you can find 2 files.
  4. Open .pub file with a text editor or software like Sublime text 3
  5. That’s your Fingerprint. Copy that And login to Laravel Forge.

fingerprint pub



STEP 3: Add Key on Forge:

  1. After login to Forge, go to Your server which you want to connect with ssh or SFTP
  2. Click on SSH Key
  3. Now provide a Name and put your public key, which you generated in the previous step, and click on ADD.
  4. It will install on Laravel forge within a few seconds, and you are now ready to connect Laravel Forge with SSH or SFTP.

Forge SSH Keys

STEP 4: Get ready for SFTP Connection:

  1. Now we will show you how to connect SFTP by using FileZilla.
  2. Open FileZilla and go to Site Manager, Add New Site and Name your New Site.
    • Protocol: Select FTP
    • Host: Provide your Forge Server IP
    • Port: 22
    • Logon Type: Key File
    • User: Forge
    • KeyFiile: (Browse your Path, where you save SSH File, there is 2 file do not select .pub)
    • Now Click On Connect.
  3. Boom, you are done.
  4. Now you will see your files, inside your server via FileZilla.SFTP VIA FILEZILLA


We hope this article helps you to Connect Laravel Forge by using SSH or SFTP.


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