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What is on-page and off-page SEO?

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Published on: 22 June, 2019

SEO is the direct relationship between your website and the search engines, where your webpage URLs will be displayed. Understanding the parameters of a webpage that makes it a good performer with search engines is the first and foremost thing to be noted. While you go for that, there are several things that are to be checked, including the content of yours, the links and back-links, it contains, the keyword that the page uses, and the authenticity of everything that it has.

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On Page & Off Page SEO

As you go deeper into the aspect of SEO, you will find there are two major heads of making SEO for your page – on-page SEO and off-page SEO. Combining these two, the major head of SEO is formed. Before going anywhere deeper into the fact, understand what on-page SEO or off-page SEO actually means. 

On-Page SEO says about the things that you can control on your webpage to make search engines understand the weight of your page. To be much more specific, this is the way of shaping your page content and establishing the fact that, your page is efficient to give essential support to the viewers.

Off-page SEO, on the other end, is the way that is going to give essential support to the page by showing the effectiveness of sharing, linking, and other ways, following which a viewer will find the answers to his or her quest from your site.


It is true that not a single webpage is efficient to answer all the quests of a viewer. To ensure that, the thing that you need is to put the links in your page content that will complete all the things.

With this many ideas, it is time to move on to the details of both types of SEO. So, let’s move on to it.

Tools of On-page SEO

As stated above, On-page SEO is the direction of your page content, so that search engines can feel that your page is really going to satisfy the clients.

on page seo

This can be ensured by some of the aspects of your sites, which are as follows –

Content management

The first aspect that has to be checked is the choice of the keywords and the format that the keywords are going to follow.  It can be a long-tailed keyword or can be a varied one too.

The second thing is to put the right keyword in the right position and to place the keyword properly in the content.

The general rules regarding Keyword placing are –

  •      Create the Meta Tags and make sure that the meta title and description contains keywords
  •      In the H1 heading and also repeat at least once in the H2 or H3
  •      Use of keyword at least once in every 100 words
  •      Use of keywords in the first and the last line of the page

The third thing to be checked in the case of content management is related to the content quality – this must match with the keyword that has been placed in the content.

Fourthly, keep an eye on the images of your site. They are going to make the SEO of your site much easy. By not merely following the instructions, try to understand the thing properly. This will be more helpful for you. When you open some of the search engines, the first thing that you will observe is the search bar and the tabs under it. The tab contains “all”, “images”, “videos”, “maps”. Searching maps are more often made on Google maps, while videos are browsed more on YouTube. For searching images, users mostly access the search forum of search engines mostly. Now, your task is to add the keywords to the images in the form of Alt Text, so that they can be better visible as a result of the searches from the search engines. This simple thing can do the essential trick for you.

The fifth is the size of the content.

Here, there are some of the guidelines, that you must follow in the content, which the search engines do prefer –

The size of the content must not be less than 200 words. It is however preferred to make the content lengthy and strongly communicative.

None of the paragraphs must contain more than 100-120 words.


Proper use of headings, subheadings must have to be there. There, you can spread the headings with H1, H2, H3, and so on.

There must be no-plagiarized or copied content. Copied contents are usually not preferred by search engines.

Another On-page SEO supports

This is in short, what you can do with the contents, while on-page SEO is considered.

However, there are other things too, when you consider the on-page SEO. This includes –

The first thing that comes here is the URL setting. The URLs must not be changed, without a proper redirection notice

There are also internal links, which will redirect the viewers, on clicking to other pages of your site. This is again something that is going to make things simple and straightforward for you.

If you can look out for all the above-stated points, you will find that on-page SEO is doing a really great job.

Off-Page SEO Tools

Off-page SEO deals with the links that the site is having, that will direct the viewers to other sites and networks. It also contains the links from other sites, that will be directed to your site pages (Back Links) and many other supportive elements.

Off Page SEO

Here are some of the elements that will do the task for you, while off-page SEO is considered –

Creating Guest Posts

This is the thing which will allow your guests to write for you. Each of the posts will be directed to your own page and that will act as the backlinks.

Putting more links within content

The best-rated SEO pages are those, which have a huge volume of links in the content that leads to internal as well as external sites. This is one of the core reasons, why Wikipedia is having such a great rank with Google and other Search engines.

Social Media sharing tools and shares

Many clients do feel that putting a social media sharing kit on the pages will do the task, but actually, that kit is meant to provide the aid of sharing. The more shares, the better will be the page rank.


Subscription facility and subscription volume make a big difference in everything. It is the top that is going to give the best support in all aspects of the web page. Indirectly, a bog list of subscribers ensures that even a new page is going to get instant viewers and that is the key to success for websites, which have many subscribers with them.


Collecting all the things that have been stated above, we can reach a definite conclusion too. The conclusion states that on-page SEO of your website and web pages is the primary thing that is going to make the first impression on the search engines. The same can be renewed and taken to a broader aspect, while you go for the off-page SEO for the site.

However, we make a point to educate each of our clients on what you can expect from SEO and how it could impact your business.

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