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A Brief Guide About The Best Web Hosting Service Company in Australia

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Published on: 27 January, 2021

A web hosting service is a type of internet hosting service that allows personal and organizations to create their website accessible via the World Wide Web. Web hosting in Brisbane is a hosting service for websites on the Gold Coast. Instead of hosting people, web hosting hosts the contents of your website and your email so that they can be visited at any time from any device connected to the Internet. When you want to consult a file on your computer, that content is stored somewhere; it can be on your computer’s hard drive or a USB storage device, for example. The same happens with the content of the web, it must be stored somewhere and for it to be visited through the Internet, it will have to be held on a web server. When you want to set up a “serious” website, you will almost always need to hire hosting for that website. Indeed the term “hosting” is a bit disconcerting and even more so when it comes to paying money for something with such a strange name. But do not worry; it is something easy to understand, and in this post, I will explain in-depth, along with how to choose the most suitable web hosting Australia for your specific project.

What is Web Hosting?

The best web hosting Australian market has evolved a lot. Luckily, there is already a specific range of best web hosting in Australia to choose from and at very affordable prices. Until relatively a few years ago, this was not the case. Right here, on the blog, you will also find the analysis and opinions of hosting providers with more information about specific companies. A server is a computer much more powerful than a conventional computer, connected to the Internet 24 hours a day so that the contents it stores can be visited at any time. The server is the physical equipment, the hardware, and different options are offered from it. Types of web hosting: shared hosting, VPS, cloud, WordPress hosting, elastic hosting, etc. At Netmow, we have a technical infrastructure made up of hundreds of servers located in a Data Center (specialized facilities to keep the servers in optimal conditions). When you hire a hosting service, you are hiring a space to host your website on our servers.

What is web hosting exactly, and what is it not?

Web hosting in Brisbane is a service where a provider rents you a server connected to the internet. The most typical use of hosting is to create a website (which, in reality, is nothing more than a set of files in HTML format that are web pages). Still, you can also use your web hosting Australia to allow the download of any other thing (PDF documents, MP3 files of audio, video, etc.).One essential thing is that, apart from the primary file best web hosting Australia services, a web hosting Brisbane service includes other value-added services.
Among them, the most essential are the following:

  • An email server that allows you to have email accounts with your domain name.
  • Hosting past web applications in PHP and databases to create generalist websites, blogs, online stores, or discussion forums, to name some of the most critical applications.
  • Access via FTP to store and download files.
  • Create virtual disks, creating storage in the cloud with your hosting service that you access as if you had it on your computer.

Three basic things you have to know before hiring a web hosting Gold Coast service

When you hire a hosting service, Brisbane, there are several issues that you have to be especially clear about since they are among the primary sources of problems that people encounter on their hosting. I would highlight, above all, these three:

1.  The domain may or may not be part of the web hosting service

To contract the domain for your hosting server, you have two options:

Contract it as part of the hosting package, which has the advantage of simplicity because everything is in the same place.

With a different provider, usually specialized domain providers like GoDaddy or Namecheap. It has the advantages that it can be a bit cheaper and that they generally offer a little more possibilities and user interfaces that are easier to use. In the case of having the domain and hosting in different providers, the field is “pointed” from your domain provider to your hosting server (it is configured to use the DNS servers of your hosting ) through a relatively simple configuration.

2.  Different applications, different needs

One of the focus reasons for choosing the wrong web hosting Gold Coast service is the fact of ignoring the difference between a “static” website, made up of a collection of specific HTML pages with fixed content (simple files with a .htm or HTML extension, its content hardly changes over time) and a “dynamic” website created with a programming language (typically PHP) whose content changes continuously, and what this implies for the correct choice of hosting.

Typical examples of dynamic applications are discussion forums, wikis like Wikipedia or a WordPress blog, or an online store created with Prestashop or Magento tools. All these tools are made in PHP and present the same problem when it comes to hosting: they usually use a database to store dynamic information and this, together with the execution of PHP, makes them much more demanding for the server.


When users browse through it in a simple static web, they are merely downloading the corresponding HTML file every time they enter a page, a relatively “light” process for the server. On the other hand, it is a dynamic web, based on PHP, like a WordPress blog, every time they enter a page, a process takes place that generates that page “on the fly.”Therefore, as explained in detail in this post, a server that can serve many users with a static web can quickly collapse if the host is a web application such as WordPress. This is one of the most typical mistakes users make when hiring a hosting provider, hiring a very cheap service, completely undersized for their needs.

3.  Depending on the application, you must choose the appropriate operating system for your server

At this point, many providers allow you to choose between Linux and Windows. For most users, Linux is going to be the best option. It is considered the best operating system for web servers and is well proven. To give you an idea, Wikipedia, for example, is mounted on a course of this type.

If you intend to install web applications that use PHP, Perl, Python, to use MySQL databases like WordPress or Joomla, Linux is a natural choice. The reason for choosing Windows will be to install applications based on Microsoft technology such as ASP.NET and SQL Server databases. In this case, on a Linux server, they just couldn’t run.

How Does Web Hosting Brisbane Work? 

Once you have a web host to host your page’s files, your visits can reach them through your domain. Domains are used to tell the browser what content you want it to show you. By writing in the address bar, you indicate that you want to see the content of our website.

The browser will look for the website’s contents to the hosting where it is hosted to show them to you, but how does it know which is web hosting it has to go to find them? This is where DNS (also called Nameservers) comes into play. The different computers connected to the Internet do not locate each other by names but rather use numerical codes called IPs to communicate. However, imagine that you had to remember an IP number for each website you want to visit; it would be impossible! For this reason, the domain name system was created to facilitate this task, and we can use names (easier to remember) instead of IPs to navigate the Internet. Each domain can be translated into an IP that will be the server’s IP where your content and email accounts are hosted. The DNS is responsible for making this translation possible.

How to Create your Server at Home for Web Hosting Australia?

Permanently wanted to have a spot where you could retain your website and access them anywhere you get an Internet connection. Say you wanted to have your music store available if you wanted to give a song to one of your friends, or maybe you wanted to let your relatives download your entire library of vacation photos, or perhaps you need a place to host programs you write or maps you make. How about a Web page? Ever wanted to have your Web page? All of these can be attained with a home Web server and spare!

It’s easy to set up a Web server at home. Setup every server in 11 steps.
There are –

  • Acquire a Dedicated PC
  • Get the OS!
  • Install the OS!
  • Setup VNC
  • Install FTP
  • Configure FTP Users
  • Configure and Activate FTP Server!
  • Install HTTP Support
  • Forward the Ports!
  • Get a Free Domain
  • Test It Out!


What Types of Web Hosting Exist?

There are various types of web hosting, depending on their characteristics. The main types of hosting are shared hosting, VPS, and dedicated servers. There is a relatively extensive range of accommodation types, as you can quickly check on comparison websites, such as Netmow! The main options for the vast majority of users will be the following list.

types of web hosting

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the type most widely used best web hosting in Australia. In this mode, the hosting accounts of different users are hosted on the same physical server, where they share resources such as RAM and CPU. Within shared web hosting Brisbane, there are also other types of service, depending on its configuration. The most common shared hosting on the market is an essential service, in which the different clients share the server’s resources in such a way that the behavior of a user’s account can affect the others. Shared web hosting in Brisbane is the most suitable option for the vast majority of users. We are indeed talking that for 95% or more of the readers who come to this post, this is the most suitable hosting option.

Furthermore, shared hosting can also be multi-domain hosting. As the name suggests, in this mode, several clients share the same machine. They are not seen among them; each one has its own private and exclusive space, but the load generated by its webs on the server is shared, and therefore a bag of some traps can affect others.

At Netmow, we offer another type of shared hosting with account isolation. We use CloudLinux and CageFS to isolate each hosting account to ensure the service’s stability, performance, and security. This way, we provide that a user’s account’s possible problems do not affect other charges hosted on that server.

All of our hosting services share this characteristic. Still, we have specialized lines for different projects: Optimized WordPress Hosting for creating websites with WordPress, WooCommerce Hosting for online stores, and Web Hosting for other types of websites built with HTML and PHP.

VPS Hosting

A VPS is a virtual private server. Users share the same physical server in this hosting, but they do not share resources, unlike shared hosting. The physical server is divided into a kind of watertight compartments through virtualization, and each of those compartments would be a VPS with its own assigned and guaranteed resources. Unlike shared hosting, VPS guarantees space and transfer consumption and the RAM and CPU allocated to the service. In the VPS hosting mode, the service consists of making an exclusive (private) server available to the client, but not as a physical machine, but as a virtual machine, with different levels of resources (processor power, memory, etc.) among the which the client can choose the level he needs for his specific case.

It is a very flexible scheme, capable of adapting quickly to demand since, when faced with more significant resource needs, the provider can “turn on the tap” of resources immediately (logically implies a change in rates). As the server is not shared, it cannot be compromised by peaks in activity from other clients. It is a more professional solution since it comes together with greater control of the hosting server or the possibility of creating several independent webs hosting Gold Coast spaces that function as several shared hosting accounts within the VPS server. With a single hosting service, you can host different websites such as differentiated hosting accounts and adapt to different needs.

Elastic hosting

Elastic web hosting Australia is a hosting that combines the advantages of shared hosting and a VPS. We will share a physical server with other users, but we will have guaranteed resources as in the VPS. With the popularity of specific applications such as WordPress, the option of specialized hosting has also gained strength, especially hosting specialized in WordPress. However, specialized hosting for Joomla, Prestashop, and Magento is also very popular given these applications’ great popularity. Those who seek these services are to go a step beyond a “pure” hosting such as, for example, Netmow offers comprehensive support that is not limited to the servers themselves but also includes technical support to ensure proper operation of these applications.


At Netmow, we offer this hosting as an alternative to VPS. Elastic web hosting Brisbane allows us to create an environment as easy to manage as shared hosting and with a similar price, without giving up the availability of guaranteed resources.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud web hosting Gold Coast is a type of best web hosting Australia offered from an infrastructure composed of several servers that work together. The service is distributed in different computers connected to the same network, forming that cloud or cloud. Cloud hosting (hosting in the cloud) is a relatively recent and exciting option. It is an evolution of traditional hosting that, using cloud technologies, distributes the service provided among several physical machines. In this model, charging for consumption is also very typical (processing power consumed, etc.)

It is a type of accommodation usually used by companies with varying needs, which have frequent variations due to high traffic peaks in different periods. The cloud offers them high availability of resources and uptime guarantees in the face of these demand variations through this configuration in the form of a cluster with load balancers. The advantages of the cloud hosting concept: above all, security (redundancy availability) and great flexibility to multiply in the face of greater demand (scalability). There is an offer with an excellent quality/price ratio (for example, the supplier Gigas). The inherent flexibility of the concept is a hosting able to adapt so quickly and efficiently to changing user needs.

Dedicated server 

A dedicated server is a type of hosting service in which complete physical equipment is offered for each client. The server is not shared with any other user, so all resources are available and guaranteed for a single client. It will be sporadic in practice that the solution that best suits your case is not among the above. This can be the case, for example, when with a lot of traffic (approx.> 500,000 pageviews/month) where it is convenient to start thinking about a dedicated server (similar to a VPS server, but as a physical machine).

What is the Web Hosting Brisbane Solution you Need?

When choosing the best option, three parameters must be taken into account above all :

If the web consists of simple static pages or it is a web application such as a WordPress blog, more exists for the server. The traffic you anticipate for your website and your financial possibilities (personal or professional).

Here there are still many more criteria and combinatorics, but We will try to reduce them to three scenarios within which you should be able to fit:

1.  Very simple static web, composed only of HTML pages

In this case, using shared web hosting in Australia will serve you perfectly, even for very high traffic. Although, in general, the traffic limit is something very variable, in this case, it can be said that an excellent shared hosting service should easily support the traffic of a few hundred thousand page views/month without problems, even substantially more.

However, the traffic issue has to be further qualified. In a site that uses many images and with a lot of weight (for example, because it has not been optimized or reduced), for example, these estimates would entirely fall apart.

2.  Unprofessional dynamic website (blog, forum, etc.) and without claiming to generate income

In this scenario, it is already more complicated. As a general rule, shared web hosting Gold Coast should be a valid formula here as well. First, because with well-optimized applications, considerable traffic can be supported and because, also, usually, in this case, your budget will be limited, and by not providing a commercial service, you should be able to have an individual tolerance for problems such as specific drops in the face of firm demand peaks.

Estimating the traffic cap, in this case, becomes more complicated because it depends so much on the specific application, and it is impossible to generalize it. A well-optimized WordPress blog with cache plugins and other measures, for example, does not generate the same load as a discussion forum (due to the high% of comments that cause write operations in the database, which are heavy operations for the server). As a guide, a well-optimized WordPress blog can perfectly support > 100,000 pageviews/month. It is not unreasonable that it helps something else. You should not have problems because reaching these traffic figures is already starting to be very difficult.

On the other hand, in this blog, we have overcome with shared web hosting Australia many times traffic peaks with > 50 simultaneous users (extrapolated to a whole day, with a stay of 3 minutes and 1.5 page views per user, which is the average of this blog, it would be like constant traffic of> 30,000 pages in a day or almost 1 million page views/month). And finally, keep in mind that if you reach the traffic limits of a good shared hosting service, precisely the fact of having this amount of traffic should allow you to finance a superior hosting option without any problem.

3.  Professional dynamic website (blog, forum, online store, etc.) and to generate income

In this case, my advice is obvious: do not look at price as the main criterion, but priority #1 on quality of service and the least possible complications for you to dedicate that time to your business. The vital issue is your tolerance for incidents, especially drops and slow service.

A shared web hosting Australia option can be perfectly valid with a provider that has high-quality standards. However, even with the right provider, there is always a small risk that a “neighbor” of yours on shared web hosting Brisbane at a particular time will consume excess resources, which will cause you to suffer incidents of slowness or even crashes. If you want to eliminate this risk, the option to choose is to manage to host, but remember that the price increases significantly with this type of service, especially if the traffic begins to exceed 100,000 pages/views per month.

An exciting option in this scenario is to combine a premium shared hosting such as Webempresa, where you know that there are no constraints with resources, and connect it with the assistance of a professional specialized in WordPress that you hire in another way. It is heavier management (finding the right person, etc.), but it can be better priced, along with an excellent quality of service inserted). If you look, actually, after the talk that we have released, the summary is straightforward; the conclusions of today’s post could be summarized in these points.


Almost everyone should use shared best web hosting Australia. Conservatively estimated, 95% of users will never hit problematic traffic levels that demand a higher hosting option than this.

The market offers quality shared web hosting in Brisbane at almost ridiculous prices, but it is easy to screw up and hire lousy hosting. Therefore, you have to know how to hire an excellent hosting service. To not screw up, we must pay special attention to the limitations in the resources that come in the “small print” if that comes. Vendors often clearly state the monthly bandwidth and disk space, but few are clear on each account’s memory and processor power.

Regarding the traffic capacity that the server will support, it must be clear that it is not the same to host static HTML pages (very light) as web applications (heavy).

In the case of hosting web applications such as a blog or forum, good optimization of the application is critical. Done these duties, even with shared hosting (if it is of quality), very high traffic capacities can be achieved. In any case, the estimates of the traffic that hosting can support are very relative because they depend on many factors; in fact, having given such specific numbers of visits here is in that sense something “daring” on Our part. We have tried to provide you with a simple rough orientation of where the shots go.

A superior hosting option (VPS, etc.) will typically only make sense in a professional context where the website directly (e.g., an online store) or indirectly (e.g., a consultant’s blog) is key to generating economic income. Also, hosting this type, unless you have advanced technical knowledge in managing hosting servers, requires a specialized technician’s help due to its incredible administration difficulty. offers the best web hosting service in Australia.

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