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How long until SEO changes take effect?

SEO changes
Published on: 10 June, 2019

When you ask a direct question to someone about the time you will have to wait for SEO to take effect, the direct and instant answer, you will get is around 6 months. But here you will have to be very particular about the impact of your question. You already know SEO changes so frequently because of the number of algorithm changes that Google released. When you ask the question – when shall I see the effect, the question essentially refers to as Rank 1 position. However, when you ask the question is – when shall I start finding the effect, this question means you are asking – when you are going to find the changes? The answer here will be 5-6 months. How marketers can adapt to Google’s local SEO changes?

Now your question is – why this much difference! To get a proper and finite answer about the same, the first thing the only way is to clear the concept of SEO. Once that is cleared, you can understand clearly how much time it takes for SEO to take effect for your site. So it’s fair to say that SEO changes fast.

Understanding SEO

SEO essentially means optimizing your website for search engines. Hence, successful SEO means your site is completely optimized for search engines and the direct effect of the same will be visible in a different way – you will be able to find the different pages, blogs, images, and ultimately the website within the top results of Search Engine. Naturally, that will aid you with huge traffic that is ultimately going to give the essential support to you in all possible ways in your business enhancement.

Type of SEO



Only the basic idea about SEO will not clear your concept of yours and hence you would not find a definite answer related to the time taken for SEO to take effect. Hence, you need to go ahead with the thing and for doing that.

on & off page seo

Get through the two major types of SEO, which have to be followed for your website.

On-Page SEO – This is the part of SEO, where your site contents are optimized and the site itself is optimized for search engines. Selection of the keywords, creating relevant content based on those keywords, adding alt texts to the images and similar aspects are to be cared for in this case.

Off-page SEO – This is the part, where the contents are added with internal and external links, where back-links are established elsewhere that will redirect to your site and the sharing objectives of your site and site content.


While you collect both types, the entire operation can be differentiated into months, and from there, you can calculate the exact requirement of time that you need to spend on your site for making SEO. So, start with that month-on-month distribution of work, for a better understanding.

Distribution of SEO work

Before directly moving to the distribution of the work in months, let us answer one of your questions that are disturbing your mindset. You are willing to know that after your work is completed for SEO, how much is the time that the search engines will take. To make it clear, the process, of how SEO works is to be understood. SEO works with the help of their crawlers. You will be submitting the Sitemap of your site to the webmaster of the search engine. The search engine will follow each of its links with its crawlers within 7 days of directory submission and will check the content on the page. It will also analyze the social media sharing for the page, subscribers in it, back-links that connect the page and the internal or external links in the page, and eventually the traffic the page has to decide the page rank for the keywords used.

Mozlows SEO outline

Thus, Search Engines will not take additional time for making your site visible in their search. The only time that you need is in optimizing the site.

The time that you will need for doing so, can be understood from the following structure –

Month 1# – This is the month when you will be deciding your keywords. Rigorous research and framing are needed to decide upon your keywords and also establish the long-tailed keywords that will be associated with them.

Month 2# – This month is to design your site and create the flow of navigation ready for the site. Many test runs of the site can be included here, which is even more in the case of e-commerce sites, or business portals, which will make this one month look short.

Month 3# – The third month is to start off with your content, but before starting research down the backlinks and the external links that you will place on your site. After that, start developing the content (blogs, articles, images, and videos).

Month 4# – The content development will be continued for this month and in this month the content development work will be rigorous and dedicated. Follow the norms of usage of keywords, maintenance of alt text for images, and H1 or Meta tags for blog articles.

Month 5# – From this month, you will be able to find your content on the search engines, but never bother about their low ranking of them on the searches. The process of SEO Has just started for you. Continue working with the contents and continue URL submission at the webmasters and also at the directories.

Month 6# – Slow down the pace of your content development and concentrate more on the subscription part, internal links, and external links. Also, take charge of the backlinks.


Your SEO process is completed here. This much work will put your site within the first or the second page of a search engine while searching with your keyword. However, the process that has been initiated here has to be continued for the full and final result. When you continue the task, you will find that it will take another 4-6 months to take you to the top of the search engines. You can also avail the support of some of the search engine tools for a faster response, within this short time, but that is applicable for businesses and e-commerce portals only, but not for blogs. SEO is changing with time. You need to know these SEO changes to keep your website content updated and fresh.

Thus make it clear that it is not due to the search engines that the SEO effect of your site is delayed. The entire process is time taking and all of that depends on the number of keywords you will be including the effect of the keywords and the contents that you will be developing from the keyword. How much information the contents are and how much competition they will remain for you are the two things that are going to crack the deal for you.


Keeping that in mind, get in touch with some professionals who will guide you in the full process. So if you want to get higher rankings today, but also improve your rankings over the long term, it’s worth optimizing around these new SEO changes. We’ve helped hundreds of customers with their SEO initiatives on the Gold Coast. We are passionate about creating powerful & inventive digital strategies to help you. For more info to know or any other query contacts our expert today.

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