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How Social Media affects SEO?

how social media affects seo
Published on: 2 May, 2019

You must be wondering about the benefits that can be reaped from social media. The entrepreneurs are in a continuous struggle for knowing the benefits of social media. Read on to take a closer look at how social media affects SEO by increasing visibility, brand recognition, and more.

The article sheds light on the positive impacts bestowed by social media. Let’s zoom the benefit that may actually ratchet up your sales and leads.

You cannot deny the basket ball’s alley-oop relation of the SEO and social media where the ball is lobbed by social and it is dunked by SEO.

SEO strategy and Social Media

The search rankings have no direct impact on the signals of the social media, the search engine optimization is affected mainly in four ways by it.

The online visibility will be increased as well as websites’ traffic may also enhance. The brand and authority recognition will also increase. The local SEO cam also improves. The content lifespan will get longer and content distribution will also get broader. However, still, the real question remains intact that the website rankings may have an impact by the social signals bit the question must be shaped up to that what should be an an an effect which they may possess. We are very well aware that they make the difference as social signals have great significance.


Are you really aware of that what are the social signals? The links, likes, pins, shares, or votes on the sites of social media like Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin. This is the indication regarding the discussions done about the brand and they have many similarities to the mini-reviews.

The online visibility may be increased by social media and the SEO efforts are supported by it for driving traffic towards the websites. The marketing may be understood better with the example of fishing. When huge net and right bait is invested in advertising and fishing, then they may drive towards success. More fish can be caught with the bigger net and similarly, marketing also has the same key to success. For instance, if you have 5% as the conversion rate and the site is visited by 200 people, then 10 leads will be created. It can have even 25 leads if it is bumped to 500 visits. Might be still, you cannot grasp the real scenario that appears to be so simple but a picture can be built up in your mind.

Businesses develop their marketing with the idea of increasing their sales and leads. You may get more opportunities for converting them when your stuff is viewed by more people.

The whole goal of marketing your business is to increase leads and sales. The more people that see your stuff, the more opportunities you have to convert them. When you search for something on Google, then it crawls and Twitter and Facebook accounts, as well as LinkedIn pages, are displayed for the individuals. The links to the Facebook reviews for the branded keywords must be with the search listings. The below image supports the stance.

As Youtube is mentioned, have a look at the below search result for HVAC contractors and plumbers. The organic listing on the second is right there. The search results of Google with Twitter and Facebook having SEO and youtube can be seen.

The main context which can be derived is that the results of social media in the SERPs are shown up. This may be the source of enhancing visibility.


This further creates brand recognition. Brand recognition and SEO authority are increased by social media. You must be amazed after listening about brand recognition.

Brand recognition cannot be just confined and explained through Twitter followers and Facebook likes. SEO doesn’t count in such popularity. Twitter and Facebook are treated just in the same manner as other pages in the web index. So if anything happens on Facebook or Twitter, and we possess the ability to crawl it then it can be returned in the search results. But currently, the ranking algorithms of web pages are not that advanced which may give proper signals for special particular work, for instance, informing about Facebook likes and Twitter Followers.

Brand recognition is the capability that is built in the target audience for recognizing the brand through its colors, slogans, and logos. It can be built by the best mediums of social profiles like Google, Pinterest, Facebook, Glassdoor, Linkedin, and Twitter.

The reviews and links grant more authority through social SEO. Whenever anything is discovered on social media by anyone, there is much possibility of sharing its link. This will not only increase the quantity of the site’s inbound links but also marks the popularity of its content. Your rankings will get better and the branded searches are topped with social media profiles too. The local marketing of SEO  counts reviews as high factors. It is very simple, you just need to put simple search engines such as Yahoo, Google and Bing. In reality, seven percent for the general searches and 13 percent for the local searches are accounted for by the reviews.

You may come across a number of people who are busy sharing and consuming the content. The contents’ lifetime can be increased by its reposting. In this manner, you control the distribution. This sharing leads to another benefit of social media sharing. The audience can be targeted by your content which may qualify them well before offering your service.

The local SEO is boosted by the strategy of social media. The local SEO is the biggest concern for the local servicing companies. NAP is marked for its importance for showing the consistency in the way your businesses can be listed all over the web that is extended to social media. The local SEO needs your profiles to be optimized inclusive of descriptions containing keywords that clearly indicate your working hours, services indication, address and phone numbers that match Google Business profiles.


The development of social media strategy is very important as it will surely affect SEO. It will also improve the rankings in search engines which will ultimately lead you to gain authority being a company. The only thing that is solely responsible for its success is its proper execution. 

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