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How to do SEO for website step by step

SEO for website
Published on: 22 July, 2019

Developing and Designing your website is only the first step of your progress toward online success. Real success can be felt when you will do the marketing of the site. More marketing essentially boosts up the site performance, by means of quality traffic flow and their stay time at the site. Many will state you to go for more and more back-links on your site and many other means, but the best way to get the real-time success that can be retained for long is to go for the traditional and basic method.

As you go for that, the results might not be immediate, but the success available will stay lifelong. The first thing that you will have to realize is that your website is not your investment in the business, but the asset of your business. The Better you manage your asset and the better you advertise that management, success will be better and long-lasting. his long-lasting success can be ensured by making SEO of your site.

Understanding SEO from its root

Coming to the term SEO, the first thing that has to be made clear to your mind is what SEO is and how it performs. The real sense of SEO stands in its name itself. SEO or Search Engine optimization essentially is to make your site optimized for the Search Engines. Search Engines are those which are accessed by general visitors to make their searches, using some keywords. As a result of those searches, the users get the response from the Search Engines in a way, where the most relevant websites having those keywords are displayed to them. Now, according to the rank of the sites, which are displayed before the viewers, they start going through to find the real answer to their quest.

Understanding SEO

As you are clear about the details, you are also clear that what you will have to do. The simple thing is that you will be taking care of the keywords and must manage them in the form of content so that they are chosen to be most relevant by the Search Engines. Now, you need guidance about how to do that and how to manage them.  This management can be actualized by the parameter that they match with the criteria of Search Engines to rank a page. This thing is actually what SEO is and that very thing makes the difference in your Site. Here below, this guidance has been framed step by step, in a way that will assist you to do the SEO by yourself, without anyone’s help.

Step by Step SEO Guide

Now you are in need of a step-by-step guide to make SEO for your website.

Here is the guidance of the full process, which you need to follow one after another

Research the Keywords

As mentioned earlier, SEO is all about working with keywords. Before starting with the process directly, let’s understand the term Keywords and how to frame those.


The keyword is the set of words that are usually called upon by the general net surfers to get information about a certain thing. To understand it better, get through the example shown below. Take for example; you are looking for details and more information about “Dentists near you”.

keyword research

To get the actual response, people might search with some of the following set of words

“Best Dentist at (Place Name)”

“Top Dentists at (Place Name)”

“List of Dentists at/in (Place Name)”

Now you can search the same in some of the Keyword Planners and find the rating of each of the Keywords. The rating means, how many times a keyword has been chosen by the users to get the search result related to “Dentists near you”. The best working keywords must be your choice.  This is how the keywords are to be planned. Now as you complete doing that, your actual process of SEO starts there –

Research your Domain Name

The first impression is the best impression. If your domain name contains the keyword that you want your visitors to search and find you, then your work is already completed by 50%. This is a master trick that works superbly for you. For example, if you own a site of a dentist and the site name or domain name of yours contains that word, then it becomes easy for the search engine to search you down with the same keyword.  The crawler spider that is usually used by the Search Engines to track the keywords and keep a directory of the same with them can search down your site easily and can put that at the top.

Domain Name research tips

This trick is having another face of it too. Just put yourself in the place of a visitor.

You searched for a dentist in a particular place and the search results that you found are showing you the following site names

Doctor’s chamber (Place Name)

Medical Service (Place Name)

Dentists (Place Name)

Now, you decide which one to click, with the intention to get more details about the dentist? The simple answer is, of course, the third one or the “Dentist (Place Name)”. That is what you need to put in your domain name. On the other side, you might feel that only a dentist is not fulfilling or directing your business. Your business includes not only dentists but other things too. In that condition, instead of a dentist, you can include “medical experts” or similar things. This is the thing that can do a great trick for your site in SEO.

Create your Content

You have now framed your domain name, made the purchase, and also designed/developed it with the help of some professionals. Now is the time to go for the inline materials of the site, which will hold the keyword. Be sure about one thing – Google, Bing, or any other Search Engine will not just link a website and put that in the same place. Their crawler will continuously work on the newer sites and older ones too and they continuously work on the ranking. Hence, you need to keep your site updated and support that with relevant content, which will establish its efficiency in the search engines.

To ensure that, the essential need is your content. Following are the few things that you can apply to your content so that they can be regarded as the best by the search engines.

5 tips for creating content

Never keep your blog or content bogged down within 200 or 250 words. Make them long, explanatory with images screenshots, and all the other things.

The content of yours must have the keywords and try to maintain the density of the same within 1%. This percentage means, you will use the keyword once in every 100 words.

The Keyword must come on the first paragraph, first line, main heading, at least two subheadings, and last line.

Keep your paragraph short and never stuff words more in one of them. Try to keep the word count in each of the paragraphs less than 120 words and

Keep your content very much relevant to your keyword.

Lastly, add some meta-title, meta-description with the content.

Meta descriptions and titles help the search engines to display your content along with the title on the search results. You know the one or two sentences that come with the title of a blog/page on the search engine create a great impact on the net surfers. Meta title and description assign that to the Search Engines.

Work on Demography

When you go for the analytics, you will find that there is a particular area that will allow you to plan your site’s performance on one or more demographical areas. This is a very useful tool for you. For example, if you are dealing with a site that is based on politics. Now, if you are into some regional politics, then the local language choices make the difference, but if it is an international political site that deals with European politics, then feel the difference that will be created when your site can be translated into German, French, Portuguese and other languages too.

Demography analytics

If you can do the essential translation and put that on your site, then the niche which you are targeting can be reached more relevantly ad that is going to work exceptionally for your SEO over all the countries of Europe. The same tricks work in all places and hence use that effectively in your site and after doing that submit each of the translated contents in the directories of that nation. You will work once, but it will act in a multipurpose style.

Manage your Media

Many times, users feel that contents mean only the blog content and page writings. But that is not the case at all. Contents mean everything that is shown on the site – the writings, the images, and even the videos or audios. Just feel the search pages of Google. It is having an Images tab, a Video tab that works best on the YouTube channel, Maps, and even News. If your site is making any declaration in terms of News, submit the URL to the News network, so that the contents are delivered individually to users, along with a notification.

On the other end, Google especially is a great place and in fact, the only trusted location that is used to search down different images. It can be mere wallpaper or can be some logo parts or anything. Thus making the images, videos and other things suitable for the search engines is very much important. The best task can be done for the images and the videos.

Here is a guide to make them more relevant in the eye of the search engines

The title of the image must contain the keyword too

Give a short one-line description that will contain the keyword once

Add tags to the images/videos and other media, as needed

Plan a sitemap that will have the image separately

Ensure that the images are tagged separately in the sitemap and that are submitted separately too.

Working with Webmasters and Analytics

Your contents are ready and they have been published too. So they are now very much visible. The thing that you require the most now is to keep the thing going. To make that happen, make the sitemap ready and submit the same to the webmasters. As you submit the same, the crawler of the webmaster of that search engine will regularly visit your directory and will search for new blogs, pages, images categories, and everything. By doing so, the search engines will start listing your contents and they will be visible to the viewers.


The thing that is left now is to get more visitors from the search engines and other destinations too. Make sure one thing is in your mind. Search engines rank a page initially by looking at the content and matching the site content’s relevancy with the keywords that have been chosen for the site. When that is matched, they are listed, but the ranking will go higher, as the site pulls more and more visitors towards it. Considering that, the last few steps of your start regarding SEO.

Socialize Contents

The best way to get more clicks and more reads of your content is to source the traffic from social media sites. Your friend list, group fans, and page followers are the readymade community of yours to see your developed content at least once. Hence use that readymade traffic to flow into your site, by feeding the news of your new content on the social media sites. This one is a great trick that will do magic for you.

Socialize content

As the traffic is developed on content from social media, the second thing that you need to ensure is the quality of the content and its usefulness. If that is relevant, then there is no need to ask a user or a viewer to share the content, but they will do that naturally. The more they will be doing the same, the better will be the traffic of the site, and the better that will become, the more will be the ranking the same with search engines.

Some additional tips

As you cover all the above steps, you are now exposed to the main area of SEO. You can find your pages or blogs by following the above steps, but still, they will remain on the back pages. As time continues and you develop content continuously to enrich your blog or site, that lifts up your site to the front page. However, some tips will help you get that effect faster.

Hence follow the guide through five short tips, as discussed below

Create internal links This is one of the tasks that have the capacity to create an internal flow between your articles. You might have created one content and to support that has created a number of contents. Now link those and connect those to get a better result. The content flow between the articles will help the traffic on one of the pages to flow to another page. Thus the stay time will be increased and at the same time, the traffic generated will be distributed to multiple pages at the same time.

Link other sites This is the thing that Search Engines prefer the most. It acts as a reference from the portal to support the citation part. Along with citation, the task of connecting different other sites is also enabled and your site acts as the backlink towards other sites. In fact, this is one of the reasons why Wikipedia often finds the top position in search engines. This linking of your site with the other sites thus indirectly comes out to be one of the most preferred angles of search engines.

Access backlinks This remained an old practice of search engines. A few years back also this was one of the prime aspects of a site for its ranking, but some of the sites went after it and used backlinks for their business. Keeping track of the same, some of the blog owners started to develop more than one website, and tried to put backlinks from one site to other. Google initiated the same and started stopping those sites. Now also, backlinks are allowed but there are other substitutes too. However, you can do that well by going through directory submission.

Put Alt text for images Images are something that is going to make SEO in some different way. You can find that there remains a different tab in the search engines that shows the images. Hence images are processed in a different way. So there remains the need for the images that will make the SEO of your site. Hence, these are great supports that are going to give essential support to the site performance. Now, the images are to be identified too otherwise that is going to give the best result for you. So, look into that.

Add tags and define categories If you make a search on the search engine, you will find that the tags are often listed and that makes the site listing even better. This is the small thing that you can do for your site and that can make your site the best in the search engine and that too at ease – just put tags on the same content, you have created.

Access Value-added tools

Now there is a need for some accessory tools that will act great for your SEO. These include subscription forms, newsletter subscription requests, a pop-up showing the latest or the most read content, and many other things. How to use them can be idealized from different sites, but here we will discuss what difference they can create for your SEO –

Subscription forms These are the tools that work great for hooking a viewer, who liked your page. When they will subscribe to your site, they will be automatically be emailed, for every new content that will be published. Naturally, they will find an interest in the thing and will visit the site more often.

 Sharing icons These are meant to direct your viewers to share the content with their friends or social media sites. Once that is done, traffic will increase on your site in a geometric progression series.

A pop-up window with the latest content – Direct all the readers to get through the latest content or blog writings on your site. This will work as news for your followers. Allow the visitors to research the contents with this tool and you will find that each of your pages and blogs is getting equal importance.

 Related Posts This suffix of blog content works excellently for the visitors of your site to get through similar content and make research on the topic. Thus, you will get more clicks on your different pages and at the same time, since the contents are well written, they will find a better stay time.


Now that you have gone through all the things that you could have done, the next part of the task is to mark your site as a special one to search engines. Use the different tools of the search engines, like business listing, map listing, and even Ad Words to put the site at the top of the search engines. If you own a product or manufacture it, then showcase those with proper descriptions in the marketplace.


While you do all those, you are opting for the manually applicable site ranking maximizing tools. They will mechanically boost up your rank and if you have placed all the above-said things in your portal, related to contents and keywords, the traffic that will be sourced from the different SE tools, will do the magic for you. To allow that magic and make use of the time, you can go for these value-added excellent tools.

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