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What is directory submission in SEO?

directory submission
Published on: 17 June, 2019

SEO is all about getting more traffic to your site. The main objective of doing SEO is to get more traffic to your page. More traffic means better SEO rank and better SEO means more page ranking and hence more traffic to your site. Better traffic means growth in your business. However, directory submission is the thing that is often suggested for SEO makes. However, the question is why directories are to be submitted.

What is Directory Submission?

To get into the details, the thing that is needed to understand is what the directories are. There are many, who think that your website of yours is said to be the directory here. But the case is not actually like that. The directory here is not your website of yours, but the portal where you are submitting the same. Hence directory submission essentially means the submission of the URLs to the portals or the directories.

Why submit to the Directories

The question that comes before now is why to submit the URLs to the directories. The directories are the portals that are usually meant to list the different URLs and to show them to the viewers in different ways. These URLs are accessed by the other portals and thus ultimately they are made visible to the viewers around different platforms. Thus, submitting your page URL to the directories essentially refers that you are going to get better traffic to your site.

How directory submission is helpful for SEO?

important of directory submisison

Getting traffic is surely going to make better SEO of your site. Now question is – whether this is the only reason, why you shall go for directory submission?

No, there are other ways too, how directory submission is going to give essential and direct benefit to you and your site. As you submit the directory to the portals, the foremost thing that you are going to get is by the means of backlinks.

Backlinks are the links that are placed in some other places and pages than yours and each of those will take the visitor back to your site. Thus, they essentially refer that you will get traffic from external sources.

Thus, putting your site in the directories is the most authenticated style to create backlinks for your site, which the search engines do prefer.

Directory submission will not cost you anything and in turn, you will be getting traffic in an authenticated style.


There are endless directories and there are different service providers in this aspect. Choose the right plan for submitting the site to more effective directories, where you will pay a small amount and get a huge return.

You can also submit your URLs to directories easily on your own and without any payment at all. However, free directories are less effective than paid ones.

A viewer won’t have to search with keywords every time to find your site in this case. They can search for the domain names, which are available for them or can even search for the domain registration details and eventually will find your site. This is the biggest support that the directories are going to give you.

Considering the different aspects and supportive features of directories for your SEO, you are by now clear about the fact that – directories are going to boost your site ranking and page ranking, and that can be availed the most while you submit the directories there.

Process of directory submission

Directory Submission

When you go for directory submission, you usually find that it takes a longer time for some of the directories. You won’t find the real reason behind such a delay. To understand the reason for the delay, you will have to get through the full process that is followed in the directory submission. This will let you understand what the process is and how the work is fully performed.

Check the Directory

This is the part that you need to play while selecting some directory for your URL submission. To make it certain that your submission there will be fruitful, you will have to check the SEO status of the directory. If that is well according to your requirement of yours, then only proceed with the same. In fact, your URL will be a passenger on the train, which you call a directory. Hence if the train is not proper, how will it be able to reach your destination?

Selecting Category

This is again something that has to be done by you and it is one of the most vital parts of the entire process too. Once a visitor reaches a directory, he will be making a search through some categories. Hence choosing the right category is very much important. You can consider this step to be the selection of the train coach, where you will be riding for the travel.

Submit your details

This is the part where you will be submitting your site and will be declaring the details of it. Make sure that this detail is going to attract visitors. Hence make that part highly applicable and perfected to fulfill its purpose. Unless this is accomplished, the entire effort will go in vain. To make that happen in your way, you can even submit the Meta description that you have already prepared for your site.


This is the last step, where you have nothing to do. You can simply wait for the full submission, where the crawler of the directory will be visiting your site and will be checking the content of your site, and will finalize that whatever has been stated on your site matches with the description that you provided.  The delay that you find from the end of directories is for this step only. This is the step where your site is checked and finalized. Just hold your nerves and you will be confirmed about the success of the submission in your email.


This is the complete process that you will find in the case of directory submission. As you went through the full article, you are confirmed about the process of directory submission and the whereabouts of the same. Hence submit your site now and get immediate aid.

Every directory helps to draw attention to the website. A Web/blog directory is important for backlinks. Don’t go too far. However, the best way to use SEO is to always be in a good directory. To start this discussion with our team, get in touch with us today. Book an appointment with us or call at +61477937937.

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