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How to Write an Effective Meta Description

Effective Meta Description
Published on: 23 December, 2020

When it comes to search results, meta description plays a big role. It is the snippet of information below the search result link. The purpose of the meta description is to define the contents of the page or link to the searcher. The end goal of the effective meta description is to persuade the searcher to click on the search result. Keywords that match the search performed are bolded in the description.

The meta description is normally one of the last hopes on SERPs to entice the searcher to click on your web page. But unfortunately, many digital marketers constantly ignore the importance of it, probably because they believe it does not matter anymore. However, in actuality, the case is different. Putting efforts into the meta descriptions could lead to good website traffic that in turn can bring many new customers and leads.

There is only a specific amount of people, for a given SERP, who will scroll down till the end and click a search result at the bottom of the page. The number of clicks constantly drops down when going further down the page. This is because, normally, a more relevant result is, rationally, at the top of SERPs. So, if the search result is at the bottom, the website is already shorthanded. This is when the importance of appealing, relevant, and detailed yet short meta description is felt.

On the other hand, if the website is on the top of the SERPs, the same logic is applied. A clear and eye-catching meta description is needed so that the searcher does not have to scroll down the page to look for another result that looks more relevant to him/her. Simply put, the better the meta description, the more likely it is for the websites to get click-through rates through organic search.

So, an important question springs to mind: how to produce a meta description that will attract the searchers to visit the website? Write like a true salesperson.

Writing meta descriptions in effective sales copywriting is a justifiable exercise. It should be written in a way to drive anyone to make a decision to click on that result. Hence, the focus should be on convincing the search to click and visit the website.


Here are some useful tips to follow on how to write a clear, concise, and effective meta description that stands out to the searchers.

1. Use Action-oriented Language

A call to action is necessary for the meta description as it is exactly what the meta description is all about. The meta description tells the searcher what they can do and what to expect when they click on the link. Starting a meta description with verbs like discover, learn, explore, or grab is a good way to ask the user to click on the link. These verbs should be followed by specifics of what exactly the user will get if they click.

2. Keep it Under 155 Characters

A meta description, normally, should be under 155 characters. Google, however, does not measure by characters, it measures by pixels instead. For instance, it will cut it off after a specific width, So keeping it under 155 characters give marketers a benchmark to put up with.

3. Provide a Benefit or Solution

To reduce the bounce back and stop the reader to click the back button because they didn’t find what they clicked for, give them a clear advantage of clicking through and reading the post. Don’t waste the chance of selling them on what the web page has to offer.

4. Make it Precise and Relevant

It is very important to use descriptive, relevant, and informative words while writing meta descriptions. This is because it is your best chance to connect with the target audience as it will let them know what to expect after clicking through the search result.

5. Don’t Mislead the Searchers

Be prepared for the searcher to hit the back button if the meta description misleads them with the content not related to their search or expectations that were generated by the meta descriptions. Some meta description is stuffed with keywords which will not do any good for the website because the search engines and searchers see content that is stuffed with keywords, it throws red flags to them. Moreover, it also hurts the trust level that the searcher has in your copy.

Things to Avoid When Writing Meta Descriptions

While the above-mentioned tips explain how to write a perfect effective meta description, there are also some “don’ts” that need to be avoided when writing a meta description.

useful tips to effective meta description

If the meta description for the post or web page is not written or ignored, Google will show a snippet of content from the first paragraph of your post or page. Hence, if there will be a target keyword in that content, it will be bolded automatically. The first few lines of the first paragraph may not always include a keyword and they may not be relevant to what the searcher is searching for. Thus, it is bad for the web page as the business or company or the website itself is missing out on being able to sell to its potential customers or clients.

Additionally, as mentioned earlier, the keywords-stuffed meta descriptions will not do any good to the website. The meta description has to focus on being clear and precise about the content on the page. Therefore, never use too many keywords in the meta description as no one likes to see keyword-stuffed content.

Words in search results provide more opportunities to turn your visitors into clicks.

The more you talk about an extract, the greater the chance of reducing the mystery behind good and evil.

For example, many blog posts use many long-tail keywords and answer any other questions in a single post.


Static descriptions can reduce the relevance of snippets generated by Google, reducing the likelihood that the snippet of the search result will contain the searcher’s keywords.

Final Thoughts

Don’t miss a chance to win over prospects by ignoring the importance of effective meta descriptions as a meta description is a short sales pitch for the website. A lot of businesses or companies ignore this and miss out on an important opportunity to enhance click-through rates.

Hence, be sure to produce an alluring and engaging meta description for the website that convinces the searcher to pick you over others in the SERP competition. Do the correct thing for your business by learning things, it’s essential for the firm growth of your corporation.

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