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Social Media Marketing Brisbane: The best social media marketing strategies at the service of your company

Social Media Marketing Brisbane
Published on: 8 February, 2021

Social Media Marketing Brisbane is one of the Digital Marketing agency Brisbane activities that allows, through Social Networks, to reach a broad audience by creating real communities within which users share interests, passions, and values. Social Media Marketing services, therefore, have a particular affinity with sociological and psychological elements since the person is at the center of every strategic and operational activity.

Social media can spread your products or services, increase your brand awareness, and improve your relationship with customers. Let us manage your social channels, and we will achieve your goals together. 

Data in hand! Communicating through these tools will foster the spread of your brand and can improve your reputation. Furthermore, social media agency Brisbane is a relatively inexpensive platform for carrying out marketing campaigns compared to traditional media.” Netmow” is the best solution for making the company communicate with its target audience, increasing interaction and loyalty.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing Gold Coast is the branch of web marketing that uses social media marketing in Brisbane to spread its products/services, increase its customers and brand awareness and improve the relationship with customers. By social media marketing gold coast, we mean all online platforms, typical of web 2.0, which allow a high level of interaction between users. Social media examples are social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.), photo/video sharing platforms (YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, etc.).

When carrying out a social media marketing Australia campaign, efforts must be concentrated on creating content that attracts attention and encourages users to share their contacts on social networks. Such shared messages will be more effective, as they come from reliable and impartial sources (our friends/contacts on social networks). 

This form of marketing is based in part on ” word of mouth, “which means that marketing actions translate into mixed communication actions with advertising, rather than paid advertising alone. Social media marketing agency Brisbane is a platform that is easily accessible by anyone with access to the Internet. Communicating through these tools favors the spread of the brand and, often, improves customer service. Furthermore, social media marketing Gold coast is a relatively inexpensive platform for running marketing campaigns.

When we hear about social networks (social networks) or social media marketing in Brisbane (social media), the first thing that comes to mind is Facebook, given its great notoriety and diffusion. But “Social Network” is much more. A social network can be any website where there is an interaction between users. In this broader sense, even a blog or an online magazine that allows you to post comments, or a forum, are in effect, social networks.


We think and implement the various Social media marketing Brisbane strategies suitable for your business, develop ad hoc applications and communications to create viral content. The more interesting, fun, and exciting content, the more it will be disseminated and displayed.

Social media marketing services strategy allows you to:

  • Increase brand awareness of the company
  • Promote products and services
  • Direct user traffic to the pages of the online site
  • Implement lead generation campaigns 

Social Media Marketing Australia requires human and financial resources: it requires a competent professional who knows the logic, mechanisms, and languages of each Social Network, a natural flair for public relations, who knows how to interact with users within the Community.

Social Media marketing strategy

Even today, many companies conceive the Social Media Marketing Gold Coast plan as an attractive proposal that remains on the desk because they realize that the transition from the idea to the practical realization is not easy.

Indeed, they must immediately become aware of three fundamental factors:

  • Budget
    It is not true that Social is free: in addition to the know-how and expertise of the professional, a budget must be set aside for the advice on the Associates, which is essential for obtaining conversions, of whatever nature they are.
  • Time
    Social Media Marketing requires a loose medium-long time before showing results, typically 6-12 months (depending on company type, goals, budget, and strategy).
  • Values
    Social Media Marketing is the main objective of communicating, not selling. Inform the audience of news and updates, disseminate useful and fun content, transmit values.

Origins of Social Media Marketing Gold Coast

In 2004, a Harvard student named Mark Elliot Zuckerberg put online a platform that changed marketing. We know this platform by the name of “Facebook.” From that moment on, our lives have changed radically in the world of advertising, sales, and sharing systems. Facebook is one of the most famous social media websites, with a pool of 2.1 billion users. Gradually the world of marketing has digitized. Social media marketing Brisbane has been a focal point for this matter thanks to the ease of contact between users: high rate of interaction (engagement) and sharing (social sharing); therefore, what is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing Brisbane is a Digital Marketing component, with its rules and all the features that the various platforms offer. Today, companies, organizations, freelancers use social media for advertising and presenting products or services. Social media are a high potential weapon to increase a brand’s notoriety on an international level.

It is a fairly complex system to understand, given the difference between the various platforms and their way of dealing with users.

Why Does Social Media Marketing in Brisbane Work?

As mentioned before, social networks create interaction and sharing. The various organizations and companies, through this system, develop their network of users, called communities, with whom they share corporate missions and valuable content, including images, texts, videos, etc. With correct use, the relationship that is formed between user and customer creates loyalty and social media advocacy; that is, through an “online word of mouth” managed by “likes,” “comments,” and “shares,” the network increases.

What are the benefits of Social Media Marketing Australia?

  • Satisfied Customers (Customer Satisfaction)
  • Brand-customer loyalty
  • More and more personalized customer service (customer service)
  • The increase of the commercial network and sales
  • Increase in users visiting the site
  • Google ranking increase, SEO optimization
  • Increased popularity (brand awareness)
  • Real interaction, ever greater networks
  • Enhancement of the brand (brand authority)

What are the disadvantages of Social Media Marketing Services?

Social Media Marketing services is a double-edged sword as it requires a high expenditure of human resources, large content creation, and continually checking their success. Furthermore, due to the virality that the network creates, the risk is to make it irreversibly lousy advertising for a company that shares inconsistent content by mistake.

Is it useful to invest in Social Media? After 15 years from the creation of Facebook, Social Media have become essential for advertising campaigns and sponsorships.


A user who visits a page or a brand is pushed to buy; why? Social media are showcases through which a company tries to get noticed. Through these platforms, it is possible to represent a “typical” customer: thus managing to become loyal as much as possible to people. It also makes it easier to read the data on how users react to the page accordingly. Finally, creating a social profile is completely free, allowing anyone to work on it.

How essential is Social Media Marketing in Australia?

The advent of social media has drastically changed communication, which has become instantaneous. If I need information, a discussion, a review, to find a job, etc., I have everything at hand via pc or directly from mobile. The more proficient you become with these systems, the easier it is to find what you are looking for or required, managing to optimize times and accurately achieve goals.

Why can companies no longer do without Social Media Marketing in Brisbane?

  • To do Branding: reaching millions of users very quickly, through direct channels and a tailor-made language, isn’t that a huge advantage?
  • To create engagement: the Social’s goal is the creation of Communities and the involvement and participation of users.
  • To find new potential consumers and retain existing ones. As? With excellent content, of value for users, and with effective daily Community Management.
  • To establish and consolidate a direct dialogue with the user: the opportunity to speak instantly with people, communicate their news in preview, answer doubts or questions, dispel myths about the brand and communicate useful information.
  • To get Leads, especially in terms of requests for information or filling in contact forms.
  • Social Media Marketing Gold Coast is anything but a simple activity: it is necessary to know in-depth the history of the company, its more profound nature, the market sector in which it operates, the products/services sold/provided, the underlying logic, positioning, tone of voice and language.

An excellent way to do Social Media Marketing

To do marketing through Social Media, you need to implement a specific and effective social media marketing strategy. It is implemented by drafting a social media plan, which is to be divided into various points.


  • Should they increase sales?
  • Do I need to create more contacts?
  • Should I build more customer loyalty?

These are some of the objectives that can be outlined. An important aspect is that the purposes must correlate with the strategy’s social plan to be followed. They must be SMART that is specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and as a function of time (cit. “The practice of Management” by Drucker, 1954)


Take some time and have a marketing audit done to evaluate all digital assets and to understand where to improve and correct:

  • What social media are used?
  • Which social platforms have the best results?
  • How do competitors work?
  • What is the chosen mood?
  • What is the traffic ratio between the website and the users’ social networks?
  • How often and what kind of content is posted?
  • What is the ROI score?


Identify a specific target of users. Since social media is a great way to convey users, it is correct to understand precisely who my brand is aimed at. It is necessary to create the profiling of a typical customer to understand his wishes and his way of moving on the web.

  • Create a list of keywords that your brand, product, or service satisfies in people;
  • Understanding, through the web, the requests that people make during the day regarding my brand;
  • Create a database of information about what people are looking for, thinking, and commenting on my brand.

Social Contest: Increase your brand awareness with social contests

The Social contest is a new online promotion tool that involves users of the leading social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter. The social game is a quick and easy way for users to actively interact with your brand.

Sharing viral content on social networks allows you to increase your brand awareness to acquire new customers. Making your customers feel like protagonists of a project is the purpose of social contests because active participation is one of the best ways to build consumer loyalty.


The presence of a content strategy, the drafting of an editorial plan must precede it. That is the organization of all the contents. Day, time, topics, keywords, etc., must be decided well in advance. In drafting the editorial plan, the “80/20 Pareto rule” can be followed: 80% information content and the remaining percentage, 20%, must be related to the Brand’s promotion.

Make Brand Awareness with Contest

The contents can be of various kinds:

  • Informative images;
  • Writing articles;
  • Generic images;
  • Video;
  • Ebook;
  • Interviews;
  • International news;
  • Creating events or appointments;
  • Assistance service.

Social Media Marketing Brisbane for your Company, Management, and strategies to make the most of the potential of the social world

1. Social Media Presence

Build a robust social media presence based on the company, industry, and goals to be achieved. Many companies have already activated Social Media Marketing Australia campaigns, and you?

  • Social Media activation and initial configuration (Facebook, Linkedin, etc.)
  • Corporate blog activation
  • Customization of the website with WEB 2.0 tools
  • Digital PR and Lead Generations

It will be possible to combine other Digital Marketing services based on business objectives.

2. Social Media Marketing Gold Coast

The advent of social media and technology is rapidly changing the way we communicate on the social web. Knowing how to communicate and be present on social networks is essential today; discover how we can start a dialogue with your customer with our services.

  • Visibility and Online Advertising
  • Launch and management of Social Media and Social Network channels
  • Social Media Marketing Campaigns
  • Brand Reputation and monitoring

3. Social Corporate

We offer services that include the set of channels that the company must supervise and, above all, according to the communication and business objectives, the tones and style that the company will use in the conversation.

  • Project analysis
  • Strategy
  • Consulting and training
  • Content management 

4. Social Brand

Create knowledge, communication, and awareness around the value of the Brand.

Start talking about yourself.

  • Project analysis
  • Strategy
  • Social Media activation and initial configuration
  • Customization of the website with WEB 2.0 tools
  • Digital PR and Lead Generations
  • Visibility and Online Advertising
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Brand Reputation and monitoring
  • Content management
  • Community Management
  • Word of mouth onlinesocial media network


For an effective Social Media Marketing services strategy, it is necessary to consider the market in which the company operates and, consequently, the social platforms suitable to support and favor that type of business and company objectives.

Below we see together the different social media about the various company activities:


It is one of the largest social media in the world with 2.1 billion users. Thanks to Facebook, you can find the target audience, create engagement from the different groups on Facebook, and quickly implement real advertising campaigns.


Social Media Marketing Facebook has numerous branches within it: Facebook Ads, Facebook Places, Facebook media, Facebook Business Manager, Facebook live, Facebook connect, Facebook Stories.

Below we will explain them one by one:

  • Facebook Ads:
    Thanks to advertising on Facebook, you can reach a conversion rate of 30% higher than other social platforms and allow a decrease in costs per conversion of 50%.
  • Facebook Places:
    It is a Facebook geolocation service that allows you to add precise information about the place where you are at that particular moment to your Facebook status. It will enable you to tag yourself and your friends and offer an overview of what you have in proximity to the place indicated. Also, it is possible to enter all the related information needed by customers: address, business category, hours, descriptions, web-references, and of course, reviews.
  • Facebook media:
    It is aimed above all at those who manage Facebook pages on behalf of famous people (the so-called fan pages), publishers, associations, and all those subjects who have or may have a large audience response. It offers users help in managing them effectively.
  • Facebook Business Manager:
    It is a free and easy-to-use tool for advertising and marketing on Facebook. From its dashboard, it is possible to monitor the performance of anything connected to your business on Facebook.
  • Facebook Live:
    It is the new feature that allows its users to make real direct using the smartphone. In other words, anyone can film themselves in real-time, showing their daily activities to their friends and followers. It is a potent tool that promises to be very successful.
  • Facebook Connect:
    Thanks to it, it is possible to integrate other external sites or specific sites you are interested in on Facebook. The meaning is to integrate Facebook with another site or blog, with Twitter, with Instagram, to facilitate the connection. In other words, it is a way to have everything under control, keeping the status and news you want to share with other users continuously updated.
  • Facebook Stories:
    Facebook Stories is a way to share photos and videos with all our friends. A kind of presentation similar to that of Instagram and Snapchat, which disappears after 24 hours.
  • Facebook Bluetooth beacons:
    The social network provides devices applicable to a physical area of ​​your business (beacons) that allow you to send via smartphone to potential customers who pass in your vicinity promotional offers, marketing communications, etc.
  • Facebook Pixel:
    It is a tool that allows you to monitor your Facebook advertising campaigns and verify their effectiveness.

Facebook Messenger Marketing: Increase your business with Messenger

Facebook has allowed companies to use so-called bots, which are real automated responders. Thanks to these bots, it is possible to implement a marketing strategy using Messenger. With a marketing strategy on Messenger:

  • Reach more contacts
  • Your messages will have more visibility than emails
  • Learn more about users
  • You can send newsletters
  • You can send messages from a funnel

Messenger allows you to personalize the messages you send as much as possible, thus satisfying users’ interests.

Facebook also allows you to create effective advertising campaigns aimed at a narrower audience. Through a Chrome app called Power Editor, it is possible to create “Dark posts” on Facebook. Facebook gives advertisers the ability to create sponsored posts that do not appear on the user’s timeline but are accessible to anyone with a direct link or by clicking from an ad.

    From Google’s My Business to activities, you can create and manage posts on Google. You can publish texts, events, stories, images, polls, and videos to engage your audience and interact with the users looking for you. You have the advantage of adding other people who can represent you and update your information box; you can also publish wherever you are from your phone, tablet, and computer through the secure network. Your posts and media will remain visible in Google Search for seven days and up to 14 days.
    The term Instagram is the union of your different words “instant” and “telegram” (telegram) to indicate the form of instant communication such as a telegram.
    Instagram is a mobile application that allows you to take and publish photos and videos directly from your smartphone on the platform, to share moments of your life with others. Instagram stories are at the heart of social media marketing Instagram. They are a way to share with your followers photos and videos that have a deadline of 24 hours, after which they will be deleted and will no longer be visible. Instagram supports social web marketing: people post images and videos, tag friends, insert hashtags and click on content shared by other people, making it the social with the highest engagement rate.
    This is a free professional social platform (with optional paid services) that allows the publication and dissemination of one’s curriculum vitae to develop and find potential employers and disseminate content relating to the professional market. LinkedIn is a viral social network for Australian professionals and reached 722 million users worldwide in June 2021. With Linkedin, it is possible to manage advertisements (Linkedin ads), run video ad campaigns, and measure the number of leads, website views, and other video ads’ actions.
  4. TIK TOK:
    This is a new Chinese social network launched in September 2016, which allows its users to share mini videos on their walls.
    Through these short clips, ranging from 15 to 60 seconds, various editing features can be applied.
    This is the most popular mobile app among American teenagers. The main feature is that it allows users on your network to send text messages, photos, and videos, which are shared for up to 24 hours and then deleted. Snapchat is considering new in-app eCommerce options, and the promising idea would be to bring partnerships with companies of all kinds.
    This is a social network based on sharing photos, videos, and images. The name derives from the union of the English words pin (pin, pin) and interest (interest). Pinterest allows users to share photos and create collections to catalog images on web pages based on predefined themes or chosen by them. Marketing activities are possible thanks to Pinterest giving the possibility to develop marketing activities thanks to Pinterest ads and buyable pins. There is an increase in subscriptions to its advertising program, which reaches + 50%. The curiosity of Pinterest is that around 81% of monthly users are women.
  7. REDDIT:
    This is a social network dedicated to social news in which the community decides what is most relevant. Users can also rate posted content. Reddit is divided into categories that allow you to move between the various topics. Reddit ads allow for marketing activities. However, it requires constant monitoring due to the large number of comments received.
    This is a messaging application similar to Whatsapp but with many more features. The cloud’s presence will allow your device not to be affected in terms of memory since everything will be saved on it. It will enable you to chat with your contacts, organizing public and private groups. In addition to being able to send images, videos, audios, and GIFs, you will also be able to send files the size of a movie.
  9. TUMBLR:
    This is a microblogging and social network platform that offers users the possibility to create a blog with multimedia content.
  10. TWITTER:
    Twitter is a free microblogging platform that allows you to share messages with a maximum length of 280 characters. Users interact with messages called tweets. The tweets are characterized by the hashtag’s presence (the keyword) and can be shared by your followers. Companies can use Tweet Marketing to maintain contact with customers, promote products and services, and obtain information from customers.
    This is an instant messaging application purchased by the Facebook Inc. group in 2014. It allows all users who use the service to send and receive text messages, voice messages, photos, and videos, post stories, share locations, and contacts quickly and easily. The brand accesses one-to-one marketing thanks to WhatsApp Business, which can make payments.
  12. YOUTUBE:
    This is a platform where users publish medium-long term video blogs. Users can also vote, bookmark, report, and comment on videos.


Thanks to the advent of social media, a new need has been created, Influencer Marketing, and consequently, new job figures have been made: influencers. They are digitally famous people who advertise products or brands through social media. Almost 50% of Twitter users, for example, only buy if the brand or product is “recommended” by an influencer.


To advertise through influencers, a rule has been drawn up known as the “4-1-1 social media system” in which influencers present four posts, we must originate one, and the last must concern the sale of a product/service.


One piece of advice is to analyze social media marketing strategies continually. Below we will list the parameters to consider to measure the success of a social media marketing strategy social media success metrics

  • Cost per click (CPC);
  • Conversion rate;
  • Number of followers;
  • Brand mention;
  • Total shares;
  • Impressions;
  • Comments and engagement.


You know, social media are constantly evolving and constantly changing. Precisely for this reason, we must always keep up to date on the strategies to be developed.

Social Media Strategy

Below, we will briefly describe the social media marketing strategies that will most characterize this 2021.

1. The decline in organic reach:

Facebook’s new intent is to prioritize user interaction. Promotional content will have less and less visibility on fan pages, and therefore companies will have to pay to reach consumers. From several analyzes, it appeared that Facebook had a reduction in its traffic strength due to changes in the algorithm and fake news.

2. Live video streaming:

It is estimated that in 2021, videos and content shared by users on social media will make up 80% of all online traffic content. Facebook Live and Instagram Live are useful tools for creating unique and compelling content to generate engagement and increase followers.

3. Influencer Marketing:

Influencer marketing or influence marketing is a type of marketing in which the focus is placed on influencers rather than on the target market as a whole.

The influence marketing industry has grown very fast in recent years, and in 2021 its value was estimated globally at $ 1.07 billion. Thanks to the collaboration of Influencers, companies have declared that they have achieved tremendous results and consider them an integral part of their social media marketing strategy.

4. Augmented reality (AR):

Augmented reality is one of the best innovative and interactive ways to reach and create engagement with your customers. In practice, it is the superimposition of one or more information levels (virtual and multimedia elements, geo-localized data, etc.) to the real everyday experience. Many social networks are planning to introduce this technology to their platforms.

5. Enhanced Security (tightened security):

Another factor related to social media marketing is the safety of users. The privacy protection measures in social networks will always have to be improved precisely to combat hacking, identity theft, and other security threats.

6 . Virtual Assistants (Bot or Chatbot):

The chatbot is a piece of software that is part of that Artificial Intelligence that is slowly invading the digital world and is part of “messaging marketing.” Using well-known and tested digital tools (websites, social channels, etc.), it is software that tries to simulate a conversation, where one of the conversants is the visitor of a web page or a company page on a social network media.


The Social media marketer (or Social Media Manager) is a figure who takes care of a project’s social network presence. Is a professional who works with social networks and manages one or more platforms according to a company’s needs, a freelancer, or a non-profit organization. It also deals with designing a content strategy, managing social media marketing campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social networks. It deals with creating editorial plans with a view to SEO, the promotion of products, services, and the sharing of the contents of the company website or blog.

The figures subordinated to the role of the social media marketer are the following:

  • Web Content Editor
  • Community Manager
  • Social Media Specialist
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Digital PR Manager
  • Social media strategist
  • Facebook Ads Specialist
  • Social Customer Care Specialist
  • Education / Experience

Social Media Marketer often holds a degree in Marketing or related fields, focusing on digital and social media marketing.

Besides writing skills, he must also possess good analytical skills to understand and grasp data and new opportunities for the company.

Why is social media important to companies?

Everyone knows that the use of social networks has literally exploded in recent years, and not just among the youngest. Every day, more than 500 million pieces of content are shared on the social web, by both individuals and businesses. If you don’t participate in this “global discussion”, you risk missing out on valuable opportunities to connect with new potential customers.

What can we do for you?

We take care of generating visibility and awareness of the brand on Social Media and Virtual Communities, tools that are increasingly used and important for companies. The services we offer include various activities, including the professional management of online relationships, the creation and management of editorial plans on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, and other activities aimed at engagement, i.e. making the company communicate with its target audience, increasing interaction and loyalty.

Frequently Asked Question

How is it different from traditional marketing?

In all! Social Media Marketing is fast, immediate, planned day by day (if not hour by hour!) And direct. On the other hand, traditional marketing is slow, planned year by year, and more detached. Furthermore, the target audience (your target) is qualified and well-segmented in the social world, while in traditional marketing, it is infrequent to achieve an adequate level of detail.

Which Social Media Marketing channels should you use?

Nobody likes “it depends” as an answer, but I have to tell you so. Each social network has its specificity and audience, and only by fully understanding its characteristics can you choose the most suitable medium for your business. For example, Twitter is a beneficial channel for technology enthusiasts, journalists, and – in general – the band most people are smart. Instead, Facebook is a slower medium, visited every day and on which it is appropriate to provide repeated messages. 

What are the specificities of the most important channels?

In giving you this answer, I can only start from Facebook, the most used social media in Italy: it is generalist, has a higher average age, active users spend between 2 and 3 hours on average a day. Therefore, it is a suitable medium for receiving repeated and intensely targeted advertising, also thanks to the big data on interests and lifestyles that Mark Zuckerberg’s company has accumulated over more than ten years.

How do you create the perfect post?

To create a compelling message on social networks, you must first aim at the heart of your target audience. Social Media Marketing is for at least a good 90% made up of emotionality: only by hitting your followers’ feelings and mood will it be possible for you to push them to action. Study the characteristics of the medium, trends on social media, and, above all, the main ways of interacting with your target.

Are there paid strategies to increase performance on social media?

Of course, and if their use is not necessarily mandatory to conduct a Social Media Marketing strategy, they are used very often by companies, especially in the initial phase. Facebook Advertising is a platform that works on both Facebook and Instagram. Twitter and LinkedIn have their proprietary tools. YouTube and Google Plus instead of working with Google AdWords, Google’s advertising platform.

Is it possible to achieve good results even without paid strategies?

I want to tell you, yes, but I’d probably tell you a little lie. Mind you: there are excellent exceptions that manage to achieve tremendous results with a perfect editorial plan, the fan base (users who follow the page every day), and original and engaging content. 

Social media marketing Gold Coast and web marketing: how do they integrate?

Social Media Marketing Brisbane is a subset of the web marketing world and integrates with its other media in various ways. For example, the editorial plan of a corporate blog can be shared with social media, creating integrated communication. At the same time, this can be done with DEM, newsletter, and advertising on Google.

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