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How to Connect AWS LightSail FTP with FileZilla?

connect aws lightsail with filezilla
Published on: 28 July, 2022

AWS Lightsail provides cloud resources to help you get your website or web application online with only several clicks. If you are willing to transfer files between your local pc to the AWS Lightsail server and Connect AWS LightSail FTP with FileZilla then this simple article is for you. So let’s start:

What is AWS?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the most extensive and widely used cloud platformthat offers more than 200 services that are fully featured from worldwide data centers. Millions of customers including the fastest growing startups as well as the largest companies, and top government agencies are making use of AWS to reduce costs, increase agility and more innovative. With AWS you get an online environment which allows you to install the application and the services that your application needs.

Why do we use Amazon Lightsail?

Lightsail provides Virtual Servers which are simple to create and are backed by the strength and security of AWS. It provides simple services like containers, instance databases, storage and many more. With Lightsail you can quickly start up applications or websites using pre-configured blueprints such as WordPress, Prestashop, or LAMP. 

It is possible to use Lightsail tools to create static content, connect your content to a global audience across the globe or even make sure you have your Windows Business server up and running. The Lightsail console walks you through the configuration procedure and, in many cases there are components that have been installed.

What is FileZilla and why do we use FileZilla?

FileZilla is an application that lets you transfer files from a remote PC using the common method of FTP. FileZilla is free and compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems. FTP is a fast, safe, simple, and secure method of moving files. You can utilize FTP in order to transfer files over a server on the internet or access files from a remote website like you personal directory. Since you are unable to create a home directory on an external site it is possible to use FTP in order to move files from or to your home computer, so you can work at your office on campus. Before that you can learn How to use FileZilla for File Management.

Transfer Files Between Your Local PC to the AWS Lightsail Server

The process of transferring files from local a computer to the AWS Lightsail Server, with the help of FileZilla is  then this simple article is for you. So let’s start:

  • Login to AWS LightSail Console
  • After Login go to Account > SSH Keys > Default Keys
  • You can download your Key file from here.
  • Save your key at a safe location on your PC

Connect AWS LightSail FTP with FileZilla

  • Download Filezilla and after installation opens it.
  • Go to File > Site Manager > New Site > (Give a Name)
  • Right Side in the Protocol Dropdown, Choose SFTP – SSH File Transfer Protocol
  • Put your Instance IP at the Host Text box
  • Logon type, Choose key file
  • In the userbox, provide the default user name, depending on your instance OS.
  • Next to the key file text box click on Browse
  • Now locate that file you save from LightSail
  • Now click on OK, for Save your configuration, or connect.
  • You are in. 

Default User Names:
  • Amazon Linux, Amazon Linux 2, FreeBSD, and OpenSUSE instances: ec2-user

  • CentOS instances: centos

  • Debian instances: admin

  • Ubuntu instances: ubuntu

  • Bitnami instances: bitnami

  • Plesk instances: ubuntu

  • cPanel & WHM instances: centos

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is AWS the best choice for WordPress?

If you are using AWS for hosting your WordPress website You’re in good hands. AWS provides high-scalability, which is ideal for websites that receive thousands of users per day. It also lets you make use of any server configuration that you wish to use.

2. Is AWS Lightsail managed?

Amazon Lightsail uses a focused collection of features such as instances, database management, and load balancers that make it easy to begin.

3. Is Lightsail scalable?

Amazon Lightsail simplifies access and upgrade to a variety of AWS services that are required to build high availability security, scalability and security and fault tolerance into your work. Think about using an Amazon Lightsail-based method for horizontal scaling.

4. Does Lightsail suitable for production?

AWS LightSail is an excellent option to host testing and development environments as well as smaller-scale production environments. It’s a simple service that allows you to launch your app at a low cost.

5. What is the reason why AWS Lightsail is cheaper than EC2?

Amazon Lightsail costs are lower for the basic usage of resources as compared to On-Demand Instances within EC2. For Linux/Unix, the lowest Lightsail instance, which has the capacity of 512MB RAM and 20GB of SSD storage, costs around $3.50 each month.

6. Is AWS Lightsail a PaaS or IAAS?

AWS LightSail is a platform as service (PaaS) mostly targeted at web hosting that utilizes Virtual Private Servers (VPS) with lower prices. It is designed to offer users with a user-friendly interface to manage the servers and to set up basic configurations around it.

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