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How to Use PuTTY on Windows

Published on: 12 November, 2020

Here are 9 steps to use PuTTY on Windows

Step 1: Download putty from as your recommended version like 64-bit or 32-bit




Step 2: Install putty on your computer. The installation process is the same as other software.

Step 3: After installing open putty open puttyGen from the start menu to create a PPK file from pem.


PuTTY on Windows Step 2


Step 4: Select pem file from your computer and click on the generate button and after generate save the PPK file.


PuTTY on Windows Step 3


Step 5: Now open putty file and input IP in the Host name, add a post in the port field and name of the project on Saved Sessions and then click the save button.


PuTTY on Windows Step 4


Step 6: Now go to the Data tab under connection and write username in the login details area.


PuTTY on Windows Step 5


Step 7: Now go to the auth tab under ssh and browse the PPK file from the private key file section.


PuTTY on Windows Step 6


Step 8: Now go to tunnests tab under ssh and write 8888 as source port and localhost:80 as a destination.


PuTTY on Windows Step 7


Step 9: Now go to the session tab and save again the configuration and open it.


PuTTY on Windows Step 8


Now you can access phpmyadmin in local using


We hope this article helps you to use the PuTTY on windows.


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